That linguistics meme

This Linguistics Opinions Meme was making its way around Twitter. I’m not a linguist but I really like this meme.

Linguistics meme image

1. Brilliant, amazing, future looking, a paean to sweating the details and taking the time to get them right. Surely it bears weight that this 40+ yeor-old software is still the standard for academic publishing, despite its imperfections.

2. Above my pay grade, but it seems like the law of the excluded middle is relevant here.

3. Never heard of it, but speaking of department stores, unless its KaDeWe, I’d rather visit smaller, sidewalk-accessible stores than a monolithic windowless store.

4. Among the better variable names, great when working with synchronous grammar formalisms, pairs nicely with $u$.

5. I’ve only been there once, on a panel in 2011, and felt like I was in a different world.

6. Twitter is pretty much the furthest thing from the real world, but I suppose it could be useful in some instances.

7. A great tool for producing a quick generic waveform when you need it for a slide on ASR.

8. One shouldn’t complain about public misperceptions of one’s field, and anyway shouldn’t linguists speak lots of languages? I’d favor a foreign language requirement for all doctoral degrees (especially for engineers).

9. Great movie, I’ve loved Amy Adams since Junebug. The visual language is highly inventive and could be a good wedge for helping laypeople understand sign language as a real language.

10. No idea what this is and not going to look it up.

11. If I made up a language it’d have French prosody, the Devanagari writing system, phonetic spelling, German word order, English inflectional morphology, and no tones.

12. Passing on this one.

13. Silly, often encumbered by politics.

14. Even better than DP is DP for DP.

15. It seems like he should pay back a lot of money to whatever missionary organization sent him to Brazil.

16. Deplatforming is a mob tool; bad ideas should be countered on the merits with better ones.

17. As an elective, where local interests match teaching ability, why not? Maybe best offered through community colleges instead of high schools.

18. I think popular science books are a service to the general public.

19. Does I can haz cheezburger count? That was a decent meme.

20. Why would you spend all the time it takes to learn a conlang instead of a natural one? I do not see the appeal.

21. Not looking this one up.

22. I endorse any beard.

23. I’m not on FB.