I am a researcher in the Microsoft Translator group. I like working on practical applied problems in many areas within natural language processing, especially machine translation, and have contributed to a number of open source projects. I advise Rachel Wicks and Liz Salesky and am the director of the ACL Anthology.

Here is my list of publications, some of which I’ve organized into an (outdated) area-driven research narrative.

My hobby in 2023 was riding all ~1,600 miles of streets in the city of Baltimore.

Years of biking in the city gave me some scene ideas for a new Batman movie.

Do you have a lingering worry that maybe you missed some of the jokes in my sacrebleu poster? Never fear, I explain them all in § 4 (p. 4) of the paper that describes the poster that summarizes the paper that released the package assembled by the code.

I spent 2017–2018 working on Sockeye with the great team at Amazon Research in Berlin.