free startup ideas

Here are some free startup ideas that I just sent to a friend. I told him he could use them, but did not give him exclusive rights, so you can maybe beat him to the patent office. They are free of charge, but consider hiring me as a consultant at an egregious hourly rate. After all, these three amazing ideas are actually the very worst ones that I could think of. Imagine what I could come up with if you were paying me!

  • You’re on a car trip to visit family and it’s a long drive so you have to stop, but every stop with kids takes at least 45 minutes, especially meals. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the meal delivered to you—without having to get off the highway? Why not? This app lets you order from restaurants approximately 30 minutes ahead of you along your route. When it’s ready, a driver will pick it up, and wait near an onramp until you begin to approach. Then he or she will get on the highway and maneuver near you. At this point, you lower your window, and they just toss it right in. Payment is all by app of course so there’s no need to have to negotiate tossing the tip back into their open window (sounds dangerous!) Business model: Sell to Uber, cash out. Risks: A potential problem is that the drivers will want a lot of money and might need training (expensive), but I think we could work around this by selling the excitement factor.

  • Flavored seltzer water is all the rage. But sometimes you pick a flavor and get bored of it before you finish the whole can, or maybe you want to add your own twist. This idea is to have a straw with an inlet where you can attach flavor packs. The straw has bluetooth connectivity. After connecting it to your phone, whenever you want a little flavor boost, you just tap a button in the app, and a valve opens, releasing some flavor into the drink as it ascends the straw. Instant f-f-f-f-flavor boost (the app will optionally say that when you push the button)! We could also gamify this for kids (e.g., no flavor boost for you till you solve this math problem!). Later as society progresses and social norms loosen we could also add drugs. One potential problem is that the current sentiment is against straws in some places and hence it might have to be biodegradable, but that just means people would buy more. Collect the whole set! Business model: sell flavor packs at a loss, burn through VC money advocating for looser drug laws, sell drug packs. Risks: competitors will make their own flavor packs; Canadian companies will sell drugs first (mail order). The first flavor would be vanilla.

  • This one is a little gross but we’re all adults here. Social networking is all the rage and it’s helped connect people in ways they have never been connected before, shining sunlight into the darkness of our formerly lonely and private lives. Before then, people had a hard time knowing just where they fit amongst their peers, but now it is obvious. But there are still areas of our lives that are beyond their reach. One area of people’s lives you don’t know anything about is their bowel movements, i.e., how often they go, what a “normal” one looks like, what consistencies you should expect, etc. This is a problem because you never get to know how you stack up. Until now. With this app, you snap a picture of every bowel movement before you flush. It is uploaded to our servers where it is analyzed with deep learning / neural nets / AI. It is then summarized and used to make an “anonymous” profile and you can compare yourself to any peer group you like. Business model: data is not actually anonymous, is sold to advertisers. Risks: people might object at first but they’ll quickly change.