Killer smoothie recipe with just one paragraph of backstory

You can easily skip the backstory, but is that ethical?

I discovered smoothies recently. Cycling a lot generates the urge to eat, but I am old, and therefore need a way to gorge myself in a way that satisfies my mouth but does not deliver a commensurate number of calories. The way to do it is with smoothies. What I love about smoothies is the sheer efficiency of it. Within reason, you can take all the scraps on your counter and throw them in and you’ll never know the difference. It is like owning a pig, but without having to deal with the offal. Beyond the efficiency, you can fill it with healthful ingredients and mask their awful taste with fruit. Really it’s a wonder we don’t just drink all our meals.1

Here is a really good recipe, with a special ingredient: instead of water or juice, use a can of Fresca!

  • 1 banana (ideally frozen)
  • Another half banana that the kids left on the fridge shelf
  • 2 large fistfuls of spinach (every smoothie should be green from spinach; it’s good for you, and has no taste)
  • An apple core
  • A loose grape or two that fell out of the bag in the fridge drawer
  • A stingy pour from a bag of mixed frozen fruit
  • Scraps of shredded cheese from last night’s tacos
  • Bits of tomato from the same
  • Ingeniously: 8–12 ounces from a can of Fresca, as lubricant

Blend and enjoy.

  1. Well, no, it’s not really a wonder at all.