say your name

Occasionally, the following situation arises. You, a friend or acquaintance of mine, will see me on the sidewalk in a random part of town as you are driving by in your car, and will recognize me. In the excitement of the moment, you will yell out my name. “Hey, Matt!” or “Matt Post!” or “Matt!”, you will say. Likely I will hear you, but there is a problem. By the time I can register what’s happened and look up and identify where the sound is coming from, you have disappeared around the corner or down the road. I may not have time to see your face and may not know your car. Unless I am able to recognize your voice or process what’s happening quickly enough to look up, I’m left wondering who it was that greeted me. Almost no information was exchanged and, unless you think to bring it up in the near future, I will never know that it was you who passed me by. There is a good chance you will forget, and the moment will be lost to time. A missed connection.

This could all be solved if, instead of yelling my name, you yell your own name. Then I will know who has spotted me and, since you already know, we will both have the pleasure of this momentary overlap in our days. The next time we get together, we will have something to talk about. Our bond will be stronger. But only if you say your name.

Running list of people who have done this to me

  • Melissa G. (summer 2021)
  • Craig S. (spring 2021)
  • Adam G. (February 2021)
  • Connor C. (Fall 2019)